The event will take place in the building of the Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences of the University of Tartu,
where also the Department of Geography is located:

The preliminary vvent agenda is planned as follows. It might be subject to smaller changes, please keep yourself updated and check by occasionally :-)

Friday, 18th of October:

5:30 pm

Check-in for participants.

Also on-site registration for late deciders. If you haven't registered online, this is your last chance on the day to get registered and join the hackathon.
However, we'd like to encourage everyone to register early online, so we can better plan contingents of food, working space etc.

6:00 pm

Welcome session: All gather in the main auditorium. We will start with some introductory words, explain the general program, the available locations and important housekeeping notes for the weekend. We will also introduce the panel that will eventually grade your final team outcomes on Sunday afternoon.

Then we will have some inspiring presentations to set the vibe:

Dr. Anu Reinart, Director of Tartu Observatory and Andreas Kiik, Space Program Manager at AS Datel.

Opening Speakers


We will introduce the mentors. We are very glad to have several mentors available for the teams over the course of the weekend, Mentors will come around give feedback about the work that teams have been doing.

Topics will be presented in short pitches and teams can form by joining the pitched ideas. Everybody can pitch an idea, participants, mentors, sponsors, panel members. Some preliminary teams might already have formed and brought their own idea. These will also have to give a pitch in order to introduce themselves and can advertise how many places would be available in their team or which type of skill that would really need in their team. 

6:30 pm

Teams form and the hacking begins... It will be good if teams comprise of people with different complimentary skills.
Teams should have minimum 3 up to 5 or 6 members. Ideas that don't get enough members need to be left aside. If a team is full, please choose another idea to join.

When all teams are formed, we'll formally announce the start of the hacking time!

Our support staff will help you however we can. We'll be around and help you navigating the premises, opening of rooms, labs and open spaces in the mornings and locking in the evenings, etc.

We will provide food, snacks and drinks for the whole hackathon.

11:00 pm - Building will be closed. Please consider getting some sleep :-)

Saturday, 19th of October:

8:00 am
Open doors and hacking :-)

1:00 pm:
Lunch time

3-5 pm:
Mentors will be avaibale at the event on 19th and 20th, ca 2 hours per day and give feedback about the work that teams have been doing.

8:00 pm:
Dinner time

11:00 pm - Building will be closed. Please consider getting some sleep :-)

Sunday, 20th of October:

8:00 am
Open doors and hacking :-)

10 am-12 pm:
Mentors give feedback about the work that teams have been doing.

12:00 pm (30 minutes):
We would like to give the teams a short upgrade on their pitching skills. We will have a short presentation on things to consider to make your presentation (the pitch) as captivating and inspiring as possible. It will be an important part of your team's result how you present the outcomes. All presenting team members should attend.

4:00 pm (Final presentations and awards ceremony)
All hands down :-)

The teams gather in the main auditorium and will then present their results in a fascinating captivating final presentation. Each team will have a presentation of 3 to maximally 5 minutes (depending how many teams we will have eventually).

After the presentations the panel will come together and grade all the teams by their presentation and results. When the decisions are made the team scores and ranks will be revealed and the prizes and certificates presented to the teams.

We aim to record or even live-stream the presentation of the teams, the prizes and the awards ceremony.

The event will finish around 6:00 pm